Neighbourhood Watch in Spain

Neighbourhood Watch in Spain operates with a network of volunteer coordinators who work together with their neighbours to help cut local crime and create communities that care about each other, helping us all to live in a safer, friendlier environment.

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Our Aims:

Reduce the opportunities for crime and anti-social behaviour to occur in our neighbourhood by deterring would be criminals and vandals.

Build a strong community spirit so that residents can contribute towards the protection of their property through cooperation and communication.

Facilitate the transfer of information speedily to members of Neighbourhood Watch in Spain in order to keep them well informed.

As an association:

Neighbourhood Watch in Spain started in 1999 with the mission of reducing crime, improving community spirit and making communities safer.

As an organisation we are non-political, non-sectarian and non-racial and we do not patrol the streets as vigilantes. Members do not organise or attend demonstrations under the name of Neighbourhood Watch in Spain. We don’t ask money for our services, although members setting up new Branches may agree donations to cover initial costs.

The names “Vecinos Cooperando y Colaborando de Espana” and “Neighbourhood Watch in Spain” are legally registered in Madrid with the appropriate authorities.