Getting Involved

Joining a Branch

Neighbourhood Watch in Spain - How to Join - Getting Involved

Find your nearest Neighbourhood Watch Branch in Spain and contact the Branch Coordinator who will help you join. They will keep you up to date with the latest news and events so you can start getting involved. You will receive an official Neighbourhood Watch in Spain membership card once you have been signed up. To join a Branch, all applicants need to first sign the appropriate application form which covers the Data Protection Act.

Running a Branch

Coordinators will act as a point of contact for as many neighbours as agreed by the Branch, it is generally recommended 20 households. Coordinators may be asked to attend local meetings from time to time organised by the Lead Coordinator.

All Coordinators are encouraged to get to know their neighbours so that strangers, who may be criminals, can be easily identified and reported to the Security Agencies for further investigation. We do not patrol the streets. We are only the extra eyes and ears for the Security Agencies and the Community.

Setting up a Branch

To be granted permission to organise and run NHW as an Affiliated Branch of the Association, you must sign up to the guidelines as set out in the Branch Hand Book. Upon receipt of this signed document you will be granted permission to set up and run a Branch.